Choosing a Pre-Owned Vehicle: A Guide

Choosing a pre-owned vehicle can be the most difficult, yet rewarding financial decision you will ever make. The cars that we use for our daily commutes are one of the biggest investments we can make, so it is crucial to be fully informed before making any purchase.

Here are tips for making a smart pre-owned car purchase:

Buy from a Reliable Seller

It is extremely important to buy from a reliable seller. Always check the reputation of the seller online before engaging in any transactions.

Know What You Are Buying

Always make sure that you know what you are buying. The minute you sign on the dotted line, the car is yours, so be sure it’s exactly what you want.

Get It Checked Out

For serious buyers of pre-owned cars, a vehicle inspection by your mechanic is a must. This will save time and money when buying, but more importantly it will protect yourself from any potential problems in the future that could cost more to fix than the value of used cars in chicago.

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Be Prepared to Walk Away

Most important tip of all: If you are not happy with the car or if the seller doesn’t comply with your requests, walk away. There will always be another pre-owned car on the lot or one online you should consider looking at.

Take Delivery Within 24 Hours

Although it’s common to allow the seller a few days to deliver the car, you should be able to take possession of the car within 24 hours. If they are not in a position to deliver, simply contact them and cancel your transaction.

Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate

There is no reason for you or the seller not to negotiate on price. The more money you are willing to spend on a used car, the more bargaining power you have with the seller.

Never Pay in Cash

Never pay cash for a used car. You should always pay by check and make sure you have the car appraised before you do, because if it’s worth less than what you paid, they can refuse to give you your money back.

Be Patient

You may not find the exact pre-owned car that you are looking for, but don’t rush into buying any vehicle that isn’t exactly what you are searching for.