Does Steaming Really Kill Bed Bugs? Find Out Here.

Even though bed bugs do not spread diseases, they can still be annoying. The itching and lack of sleep that they can cause are not fun at all. Unknowingly, it might lead to excessive scratching that can cause a secondary infection. This is why it is very important to make sure that your beds are free from bed bugs.

Steaming is one of the known methods of killing bed bugs. But how effective is it? Can it really kill bed bugs? Let’s go ahead and find out!

Steaming Can Kill Bed Bugs

Using steam is one of the most effective ways to kill bed bugs in all of its stages of development as long as you know how to apply it correctly. The quality of the steamer is also very important. If you are looking for high-quality steamers, visit today. You have to use a commercial steamer that has a minimum capacity one gallon and those with steam volume control.


Remember that the steamer you use for your clothes will not be effective to kill the bed bugs. Also, carpet cleaning machines will not be able to reach a certain temperature that would be enough to kill these parasites. Even though steam cleaners are a bit pricey, but they are really good investments.

How To Use Steamer For Bed Bugs

Once you already have a steamer, the next important thing is to learn how to use it correctly. It is important that you follow the manufacturer’s directions before you start using the steamer. For additional precautions, here are some tips to effectively use your steamer for bed bugs:

  • Use the Triangular Nozzle. When you buy a steamer, it always comes with a nozzle that you can attach to the steam wand. This always works best most of the time. Even though the floor nozzle works, there’s no need for you to move it slowly to achieve the right temperature if you are using the triangular nozzle.
  • Most Recommended Temperature. The surfaces should reach a temperature range of 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. If you go below this, the bed bugs can still survive. And if you go above this range can also cause damage to the fabric and the materials. You should use an infrared thermometer to help you measure the surface temperatures once the wand has passed over an area that you have already steamed.
  • Damp, Not Wet! Always remember that when steaming, the fabric can be damp but it should not be wet. If you use the steamer and the fabric is too wet, there is a dial where you can decrease the level of steam.
  • Once Done, Repeat. In order to make sure that you are able to eliminate all the bed bugs, you might have to repeat the process a couple of times. This method can let you control the bed bugs that are already exposed to heat because those that did not come contact with the steam are able to survive.

Bed bugs are everywhere! They do not care what the climate or weather is in your area. As long as they get access to human blood, they survive. Sometimes, cleaning is not enough. You need to make sure that you have completely eliminated them. You can do that by steaming.